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Bio: Aluminum Corrugated Core Panel / A2 exterior decoration wall panel
Quick Details
Place of Origin: Hunan, China
Brand Name: Huabond
Model Number: 1220*2440
Usage: Outdoor
Function: Anti-Static, Antibacterial, Fireproof, Mould-Proof
Surface Treatment: Anodized, Brushed, Foil Decoration, Mirror, PE Coated, Printing, PVDF Coated
Product name: Aluminum Composite Core Panel (ACCP)
Core: Aluminum wave core (ACCP)Fireproof grade: A2 (ACCP)
Thickness of the whole panel: 3mm/4mm (ACCP)
Thickness of the aluminum sheet: 0-0.7mm (ACCP)
Surface teatment Coating: PVDF / PE / NANO PVDF (for easy cleaning)
Maximum Length: <=6000m (ACCP)
Color: Customizied (ACCP)
Standard Size: 1220mm*2440mm//1250mm*3200mm (ACCP)
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
30000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Week
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
standard export wooden case
Guangzhou Port
The PVDF aluminium-plastic panel,resistant to acid, alkaline and ultraviolet light, is colorfast for over 15 years. It is also highly resistant to dirt and is easy to clean and maintain. The product is mainly applicable to exterior wall decoration and exhibits excellent weather fastness.
The PE polyester aluminium-plastic panel is characterized by strong paint film, high luster, good adhesion, and resistance to water, abrasion, and corrosion and is mainly applicable to interior decoration.
The art board aluminium-plastic panel exhibits bright and beautiful color, complex workmanship, graceful outline, and wonderful appearance. The product, serving as both decoration and artwork, diversifies interior decoration and gives prominence to the house owner鈥檚 luxury and generosity.
The emulation board series,showing a great variety of figures and colors, is similar to natural texture and seems to carry users to a wonderful nature once again.
The advertising boards are characterized by small size and light weight and can be sprayed with paint. It is mainly applied to the production of large outdoor advertising boards.
Product Name: NANO PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel
Surface coating:
Aluminum Alloy: AA1100series,AA3003series
Aluminum Skin: 0.3mm,0.40mm,0.45mm,0.50mm
Panel Thickness: 4mm,5mm,6mm
Panel Width: 1220mm,1250mm,1500mm
Panel Lengdth: up to 6000mm,special size on request
NANO PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel is a dirt repelling and self-cleaning panel which consists of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two aluminum skins.It has a hydrophobic and lipophobic surface,which makes it more repellant to water and dirt.The finished product stays clean for longer,can easily be cleaned with pure water.
Excellent easy-cleaning
Pollution resistance
Oil resistance
Good friction resistance
Strong Acid&Alkali resistance
Outstanding weather resistance
Base material:high strength aluminum alloy sheet
PE core material:non-toxic low density polyethylene
Surface coating:Nano-PVDF coating
Back coating:primer coating
Aluminum Core Panel
We provide free samples.
A.C.T is a factory supplier, not a trading company. We offer Personalized customization.
Please send us ENQUIRY for details.
Product Introduction of the Aluminum 3D panel aluminum core panel
Regular Size: 1220*2440mm
Thickness: 3mm / 4mm
Weight: 3.4kg / m2 (3mm) 4.5kg / m2 (4mm)
Aluminum Core Composite Panel ACCP is the updated product from aluminum honeycomb panel and aluminum composite panel. Aluminum core composite panel is firmer and lighter than aluminum honeycomb panel with lower price. Besides, compare with aluminum composite panel, aluminum core composite panel fireproof strength is much better. There are no PE but aluminum, this is the reason why aluminum core composite panel is totally environmentally and fireproof. What's more, the appearance is various, no matter stone, wood or mirror could be processed. So Aluminum core composite panel could perfectly instead aluminum honeycomb panel and aluminum composite panel.
Detailed Images of the Aluminum 3D panel aluminum core panel
Technical Details of the Aluminum 3D panel aluminum core panel
Total ThicknessSurface Aluminum thicknessback aluminum thicknessWidthLengthSurface treatment
(regular 2440mm)PE
Aluminum Core Panel compare with other material
Product4mm Aluminum Core Panel10mm Aluminum Honeycomb Pane6mm Corrugated Panel4mm Aluminum Composite Panel2.5mm Aluminum Single Panel
Fireproof DegreeA2A2A2B1A2
Flattening strength0.85Mpa>0.8Mpa>1.5Mpa//
Pressing strength4.39Mpa>0.8Mpa>0.5Mpa//
Shear strength0.85Mpa>0.5Mpa/29Mpa/
Bending strength161.9Mpa/>100Mpa131Mpa/
Roller peel strength102.7 N.mm/mm50 N.mm/mm40 N.mm/mm
Package detail
Product and Delivery of the Aluminum 3D panel aluminum core panel
Product details
About the products
1. Have the highest fire-retardant grade A2 FR.
2. Than aluminum honeycomb panels much cheaper.
3. Than aluminum solid panel lighter and flatter.
4. Than aluminum corrugated panels more durable.
5. Than aluminum composite panel toxic free and fire proof.
Class A2 FR Aluminum Composite Panel
Technical Parameters
NAMENew fire-retardant natural inorganic mineral material
Aluminum core composite panel
2Core componentsNew fire-retardant natural inorganic mineral materialAluminum core
4Core thickness2-5mm
5Core width900-2000mm
6Calorific value(MJ/kg)鈮?2.3-2.4Pass
7Smoke production within 600s鈮?0鈮?8S1
8Flaming dropletsNo flaming dropletspassd 0
9Toxicity. gradeClass ZA1passt 0
10Peel strength鈮?N/mmASTM D 903pass
Heat performance5.79Btu/hr.ft 2.0 F
(32.9W/m2.0k)ASTM C518pass
Tensile strength鈮?0MpaASTM E8pass
Yield strength鈮?0MpaASTM E8pass
Elongation鈮?%ASTM E8pass
DTUL211 鈩?/p>ASTM D 648pass
Tensile strength鈮?30N/MM2EN 485-2/ASTM E8pass
Yield strength鈮?0N/MM2EN 485-2/ASTM E8pass
Elongation鈮?%EN 485-2/ASTM E8pass
Limiting oxygen index (LOI)鈮?2IS: 13501pass
Heat release rate(HRR)R1(HL3) 50KW/M2ISO 5660-1pass
Tolerance range of panel specificationThickness:卤0.20mmWidth:+2.0mmWidth:+2.0mm
Pass the standard of EN13501-1:2007+Al:2009 by Intertek, also pass the test of SGS, BV, etc.
Comparision of ACCP and the existing metal curtain wall material
Mpa187.9 N.
Aluminum honeycomb
Aluminum corrugated
Aluminum composite
Aluminum solid
Is the wall entirely non-combustible?Would it perform long-term(without the cladding)as the building's BCA compliant external wall?
ACCP-this means the cladding is considered an "attachment" and your aluminum clading with a "FR","PLUS",or "A2" grade core is more than likely considered compliant!
What is ACCP?
With the innovation of core technology, HUABOND庐 A2 has developed A2+ non-combustible aluminium sandwich panel for strict requirements of fire retardancy regulations in architecture products.
Aluminum Core Composite Panel ACCP is an improved honeycomb panel that does not incur the expensive unit price of aluminum honeycomb panel but much lighter and slimmer than the latter. It is fully composed of aluminum, 100% environmentally friendly and A2 Grade fire resistant. It has the feature of easy fabrication like aluminum composite panel. Additionally, the perfect surface presentation can be shown as a stone-like, wood-like or brush surface.
Physical Data
Compared to traditional fire-proof aluminium sandwich panel, HUABOND庐 A2庐 A2+ is all the same but the technology of the core, which is composed of 100% profiled lattice aluminium structure rather than mineral core.
This structure assures the panel of non-combustibility and makes it more reliable and popular in all fa莽ade applications, especially in UK (BS 476-6 standard) and Australia (AS 1530.1 standard) who have higher requirements and demands on fire retardancy.
Superior feature
1. Light weight, Good rigidity, high strength and safety
The aluminum honeycomb panel weight is only 1/70 of that for bricks and 1/3 of that for stainless steel.
2. Super Flatness and Rigidity
The special hexagonal structure of aluminum honeycomb panel is composed of many dense hexagonal cells and these cells are similar to many I shapes, which averagely take the pressure from the panel surface. The property assures the high compression strength and super flatness over a large area.
3. Fireproofing Properties
Tested by National Research Center of Testing Techniques For Building Materials, the properties of Aluminum Honey comb Composite Panels meet the requirement of non-flammable materials. According to GB-8624-1997 Standard, the aluminum honeycomb panels fireproofing grade is GB-8624-B1 Grade.
4. Sound Insulating, Heat Insulation, Heat Preservation
Between the two skins are divided into many closed and independent cells, which to a great extent limit the transmission of sound wave and heat.
5. Moisture resistance, Corrosion Resistant
The Aluminum honeycomb Panel surface skins are manufactured through roller-coating techniques, thus anti-anodizing, color-stable and no going moldy and deforming. According to testing, the aluminum honeycomb panel remains intact after immersed in 2% HCL solution or in saturated Ca(OH)2 Solution for 24 hours.
6. Environmentally Friendly
High quality aluminum single solid panel for ceiling could be recycled absolutely which is different with other material. And aluminum honeycomb panels does not emit any hazardous gas and easy to be cleaned and also easily recyclable.
Aluminum facings:3003 H24 Aluminum Coil
Panel core: Aluminum wave core
ThicknessTop Alu Skin
ThicknessBottom Alu Skin
Minimum Order:800m2/width/color for the standard width.
MinimumOrder:1500m2/width/color for customized width. Customized width is marked with " * "China Aluminum Corrugated Core Panel manufacturers
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